We design hiqh-quality electronic music machines in Portland, Oregon. Classic analog sounds with new twists!
New Module!: SE1 Shaped VC Envelope  

New Firmware: H1 v1.0.7 Release notes in ZIP file.

SE1 Shaped VC Envelope

Analog ADSR with individual shape selections for Attack, Decay, and Release.

H1 Analog Harmonizer

2 channel digitally-controlled analog oscs with pitch tracking, quantizer and more.

SF1 Dual / Stereo VCF

2 channel pole-mixing VCF with 9 output types and CV-controlled crossfading output.

2V2 Dual Analog VCO

Dual syncable analog VCO with through-zero linear FM, envelope input, and LFO switches.

M3S Stereo Mixer

Compact 3-Channel stereo mixer with DC or AC coupling.

PA0 Phase Animated Oscillator

Analog triangle-core VCO with unique triangle phase-animator circuit for true linear PM.

AD110 Analog Drums

6-Voice vintage-style analog drum voice.

B2 Kick / Bass Synth Voice

Analog monosynth designed for basslines and kick drums sounds.

TZ0 Thru-Zero Oscillator

Analog triangle-core VCO with through-zero FM and FM offset control.