2VL1 is a 12HP Eurorack module that offers 2 independent, syncable VCOs and 1 free-running LFO in one compact package. This module uses no rare parts and is an easy to medium DIY build with through hole soldering. This DIY module consists of an assembly of 3 PCBs and robust black anodized 2mm thick front panel with crisp laser engraved graphics.

+One VCO with Saw/Pulse/Triangle waves, another with Saw/Pulse
+One free-running LFO with square and triangle 20s (50mHz)-30Hz
+VCO B syncable to VCO A or external signal
+High thermal stability 
+Extremely good tracking (<4 cents over 7+ octaves typical)
+Robust old-school design with all through hole components, large copper traces, and easily obtainable replacement parts.

2VL1 Build Information

Build Documentation (revision 05)
Bill Of Materials (revision 07)
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Sound Samples