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AD110 Analog Drums

AD110 is a 6-voice analog drum module inspired by the vintage Japanese machines with the same number. The module produces 6 voices; kick drum, snare drum, hand clap, closed hi-hat, open hi-hat, and ride cymbal, all of which are contained in a very compact 16HP Eurorack module!

+ Faithful recreation of all 6 DR110 voices outputted in Eurorack signal format.
+ Additonal tone adjustments beyond the standard DR110 settings: Kick pitch/resonance, Snare pitch/decay, Cymbal decay, and Clap spread/reverb.
+ Individual outs + mix out with accent input.
+ All through-hole parts (DIY Version) and no rare parts.

AD110 Build Information 

Build Documentation (revision 09)
Bill Of Materials (revision AI)
Mouser Cart (Last scrub 06/06/2021)

Sound Samples
User Demo Video