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B2 Kick Drum/Bass

B2 is a DIY-friendly analog synthesizer module in Eurorack format. It contains everything you need to create deep, thumping kick drums or cutting bass lines in one compact 14HP unit: A 1 V/Oct VCO with 4 waveforms, a 3-way waveform mixer with sub-octave sine wave, 2 fast, switchable AR/AD envelope generators, a high quality VCA, and a multi-mode VCF for additional tone shaping! 

New features of B2 from B1:
+ New reset/trigger circuit and faster minimum attack times (~25uS) without artifacts
+ Sub-octave sine
+ Wave select saw or 2x saw
+ New VCF with LP/BP/HP selection
+ Stable voltage references for VCO stability under power supply fluctuations
+ All OTAs are LM13700 for easy parts sourcing

B2 Build Information

Build Documentation (revision 03)
Bill Of Materials (revision AC)
Mouser Cart (Last scrub 05/25/2021)

Demo Video

Sound Samples