H1 Analog Harmonizer

H1 is a Eurorack module designed to make it easy to add harmonic layers or basic polyphony to your modular patches. It is primarily designed to be used by patching the output of a VCO to the “osc in” input and letting the H1 derive 2 notes that are related to the pitch of that oscillator (ie a 3rd and 5th to form a major triad for example). However, H1 can also be used as a dual quantizer, a frequency-to-voltage converter, or simply as 2 analog VCOs. The choice is yours.

+ Many ways to use: Chord generation, quantizer, frequency doubler/multiplier, drone oscillator, frequency-to-voltage converter, tuner...
+ Fast and precise frequency tracking from external oscillator
+ 2 stable analog oscillators with digital control
+ Mixer output for reducing cable clutter with -9db pad option+ True analog through-zero FM on both oscillators

info / downloads / media

- 18HP module size, 25mm Deep
- Power: 200mA +12V / 85mA -12V

H1 User Manual (Rev 03)
H1 Firmware Download (v1.0.7)

Demo Video: