SF1 Dual / Stereo Filter

A flexible VCF times two. SF1 is a dual voltage controlled filter (VCF) module designed to be used either as a pair of identical, but separate VCFs, or as a stereo filter. 9 possible output responses are available from the 2 concurrent outputs for each filter/channel. "Link" mode is ideally suited for stereo applications and allows both filter's cutoff, resonance, and cutoff/resonance CV to be simultaneously using the left-hand controls/inputs. The outputs are routed to a CV-controlled panner/crossfader, allowing modulation of the spacial location of each filter. 

+ 9 possible output responses for each filter/channel (HP, LP, and BP both 12dB/oct and 24dB/oct available from L1/R1 out & Notch, All-Pass, and Phaser available from L2/R2 out)
+ Attenuverters with center detent for frequency CV ins
+ Audio ins contain overdrive when turned past center
+ Self-oscillation capability for using as oscillator(s)
+ Voltage-controlled panning output stage which can be modulated into audio frequencies

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- 18HP module size, 25mm Deep
- Power: 120mA +12V / 120mA -12V

SF1 User Manual (Rev 01)

Demo Video: