SV1 Dual / Stereo Voltage Controlled Amplifier

All the VCA you'll ever need! SV1 is a VCA synthesizer module in Eurorack format. SV1 actually contains TWO VCAs per channel, and these outputs are available independently. One pair of VCAs are a vintage-style discrete bipolar transistor VCA using a vintage op amp output stage. The other pair of VCAs are a modern, chip-based VCA using a more modern op amp for the output stage. The “Clean” VCAs excel at low distortion and precision, while the “Vintage” VCAs offer sonic coloring and tasteful distortion when pushed. Extra features like zero-crossing detection and clip indicators decidedly push SV1 out of the ordinary VCA realm.

+ 2 flavors of VCA per channel. Choose your sound!
+ Selectable linking of all controls for stereo usage (all left controls operate L+R)
+ Several overdrive options of input as well as gain on CV attenuators
+ Zero-cross detector on each channel for removing clicking artifacts from fast attacking/decaying envelopes

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- 12HP module size, 25mm Deep
- Power: 75mA +12V / 70mA -12V

SV1 User Manual (Rev 01)

Demo Video: