TS0 Time Segment Oscillator

TS0 is a unique analog VCO which allows you to "draw" the shape of your waveform via the 12 individual sliders. Each segment can then be individually modulated by one of 2 modulation inputs. Additionally, the top level driving VCO can be mixed in for more harmonics. In Sample & Hold mode, TS0 can generate a stream of completely random waves formed by the built in analog noise source. You can even turn the frequency way down and use the output as a 12 step sequencer! From epic drones, to wavetable-type tones, the TS0 can do it!

+3 distinct modes: Live, preset, and sample & hold.
+5 preset storage locations.
+Transistor based white noise source.
+Sub-octave square wave output.

+24HP module size, 25mm Deep
+Power 100mA  +12V / 60mA -12V

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