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TZ0 Thru-Zero VCO

TZ0 is a DIY-friendly analog Voltage Controlled Oscillator module in Eurorack format. TZ0 is a triangle-core VCO which is capable of thru-zero linear FM. This VCO has been engineered for extremely good 1 V/oct response over a large tuning range and great thermal stability.

+Thru-Zero Linear Frequency Modulation.
+5 wave shapes: Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, Square, & Pulse.
+Extremely good tuning linearity (<+/-5cents over 10 octaves).
+Built-in high frequency compensation.
+Hard Sync input (reset type).
+Built in VCA for modulating Linear FM signal with an envelope.
+Robust old-school design with mostly through hole components, large copper traces, and easily obtainable replacement parts.

TZ0 Build Information

Build Documentation (revision 08)
Bill Of Materials (revision AG)
Mouser Cart (Last scrub 05/25/2021)

Demo Video

Sound Samples