TZ0 Thru-Zero Analog Oscillator

Classic analog sound with TZFM! TZ0 is an analog Voltage Controlled Oscillator module in Eurorack format. TZ0 is a triangle-core VCO which is capable of thru-zero linear FM. This VCO has been engineered for extremely good 1 V/oct response over a large tuning range and great thermal stability.

+ Thru-Zero Linear Frequency Modulation.
+ 5 wave shapes: Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, Square, & Pulse.
+ Great tuning linearity and built-in high frequency compensation.
+ Hard Sync input (reset type).
+ Built in VCA for modulating Linear FM signal with an envelope
+ Also available as a DIY project

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- 12HP module size, 25mm Deep (Prebuilt) / 36mm (DIY Through-Hole)
- Power: 75mA +12V / 60mA -12V

TZ0 User Manual (Revision 01)

Demo Video: